Name's Forrest. I'm a cool guy. All you need to know. (Just kidding)

Alright, now. Here's the actual process of gaining knowledge in HTML and CSS with some javascript and eventual angular2 languages. I was told via the internet that writing this stuff down is a good means of remembering, since my memory is one of the worst I've ever encountered. (Turn away, Maddie. Boring stuff.)

  1. Okay. Started off going through all javascript courses within the online environment of Codeschool. Although I've already forgotten the majority of what I've learned, I seem to have remembered the most important shit that comes via js. I understand how both the for and while loops work, if, if else, and else statements, variables, arrays, functions, pop, push, alert, prompt, and confirm. I also remember some small commands such as typeof, console.log, and return. My overall experience with the javascript environment would be well stated using my uncle's quote:"js looks like it was written in 10 hours by a bunch of toddlers."--with some added context for love. As much as I learned in there, my returns weren't very large.
  2. Now, as much as I hear in this nerdy community that HTML and CSS are not programming languages--I say go fuck a duck. They may not be, but you don't need to shove that fact down my throat as if I were one of those js toddlers refusing to swallow a mashed up pile of peas. I get it. But man oh man, it is a breeze compared to the hardships that javascript is willing to hand out. I know they're completely different things, but the fact that HTML and CSS is so well organized within the code, I'd might as well drop out of school and become a website designer.
  3. Okay, now that I wasted two of my list items on rants, here comes my newly found journal of knowledge; don't worry, I'm going to waste a third list to start it off. I'll also be using this page to display any newfound knowledge found within my journal.
  4. Learned main tags:h1,h2,p,ul,ol,li,a. ^Above at this point= "Name's Forrest"=h1, "Alright, now."=h2, Pickle=h3 ol, "Okay. Started..."=li, "Now"=li, "Okay, now..."=li. All tags must start with(<>) and conclude with (/<>).
  5. Learned how to implement a link within the page using < a href=>clickifstupid< /a> ^Included a link back to the .index page next to h1.
  6. Learned the basics of CSS, including padding, border, and margin. Place as ex: h1 { (down line for organization) margin:23px; padding:45px; border:98px; } ^Spaced all tags and added a margin for all. Very poorly executed, but works.
  7. Learned the basics of color in CSS using body { background-color:#123456 } for background color, and ex: li { color: black } for text under certain tags. ^Made all text black because I'm a bland-ass dude.
  8. Learned how to CSS color the anchor a, and how to edit the a:hover so that my link is red, and when hovered over, it permits black. I was also able to implement borders, but my page already looks like shit, didn't want to increase the shit level.
  9. Learned how to import a photo into the webpage using img src="" alt="Cat Pic" style="width:400px;height:400px;", and including measurements within that. ^There's a pickle up there because I'm salty.
  10. Learned how to add gifs using < iframe src="//" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen>< /iframe>. Look at that cute monkey. His name is Kiko. Hope you're annoyed with it now.
  11. Learned how to implement linking within the page to another CSS document, therefore killing off any excess CSS code that gets in the way. I implemented the link in the index file just for the shits, then realized it makes it a tad less easy to customize the template while it's still in design. Done fucked up. Still learning so shut up.
  12. Learned how to add borders throughout certain tagged phrases. Look at this list strutting down that runway, she seems to be sporting the "double line" look. So last year.(border:double)
  13. Learned how to set classes to individual paragraphs and headers, then use them as a whole to shortcut my way to certain css lines and edit them individually. Still unsure where I'll use this, but bet your ass it's going to be so professionally done. ex: < p class="urine">
  14. Learned how to install a form within my webpage. Kinda. Running < form >, < label >, and < input type >. Most exciting moment of the day.
  15. Alright, now fully understand the damn div class. It's to categorize combinations of headers/paragraphs/list object/whatever the hell else in order to prevent yourself from having to deal with every little thing individually. I have < div > classed the top-page in this template. Good job me.
  16. guhaerhgeah fuck. I've been dealing with these damn margins and shit--because I couldn't figure out how to align shit properly on the page. Different people saying different shit. Shitshitshit. text-align:center is a godsend--especially when converting from pixels to ems in accordance for mobile viewing. Thank 'ya Jesus.
  17. I have now converted all text on the page to ems, so that when adjusting the browser window, the text will follow. Got the monkey to follow too, but the damn pickle is being a lil bitch. I'll figure her out.