Hey. Here's an aggressive test page. Here are some pencils.

Contact us! Why our pencils are sweet! Click here to sue us! Pay Us! Screw you!

Yo, what up my fella dicks. This is what I call real pencil sellin'. You see, people love the shit out of background pictures within websites. 'Specially wood ones. Nobody's probably ever told you that, but my mom told me it looked good as shit, so I'm rolling with that. These are some crazy-ass good prices. You want no. 2's? Got you, Homie. You want no. 3's? Fuck you.

~~~~And here are some very satisfied customers and their remarks!~~~~

"Don't buy this guys pencils" -Mark

Well fuck you too, Mark
Since Mark gave a very inconsiderate answer, we won't count those good ol' reviews. Let's see what type of pencils ya'll are into.

Well now that we've found your perfect match, even though you can't tell, we'll take that into consideration. If you would like, you may now discuss your love of pencils and types within our brand new forum. Find her right up under the "Why Our Pencils Are Sweet" tab.